The awarding ceremony “Pegaso 2000 Degree Prize” was held today morning in the Sala Dessau   – in the headquarter of University of Perugia–  at the presence of Mr. Maurizio Oliviero, Rector and Franco Cicogna, CEO of Pegaso 2000. They premiated three master’s graduates coming from Perugian Studium The three most brilliant and innovativeones , concerning computer engineering and technological sciences themes, won the reward prizes.

“In a continually changing technological environment , a flexible approach and the inclination to experimental solutions are an essential and required characteristics.  For these we try to strengthen our student’s curriculum. – Claimed Rector Maurizio Oliviero– I would like to thank Mr. Franco Cicogna and Pegaso 2000 for collaborating and enhancing our best graduates. I wish the winners can successfully continue their career and always proudly remember to be part of the University of Perugia.”

Simone Felicioni, Alberto Dionigi and Marco Legittimo respectively won first, second and third reward.

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