The web platform to automate and manage all phases of the access process and dialogue with Guarantee Funds or Consortium Guarantee provided by any Credit Guarantee Public Agency:

  • MCC
  • Credit Guarantee Consortia
  • Regional Finance Companies
  • Ismea.

The objective of the system modules is to manage the process for these forms of guarantee throughout their entire life cycle, e.g.:

  • Configuration and administration of acquisition by the Body
  • Opening of application
  • Management and completion before and after disbursement
  • Management of enforcement processes
  • Dashboards, reports and consultations
  • Reporting and monitoring.
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FEA Service was designed to simplify and speed up access to the Guarantee Fund for SMEs (FDG PMI) by using the FEA protocol (Facilitated Electronic Flow) 2.0 made available by Medio Credito Centrale (MCC), which enables access requests and risk events to be sent in massive numbers via a special standard flow.

The difference compared to normal operations, which consist of manual data uploading directly on to the MCC portal, is clear, especially if FEA Service is used, so that the majority of the data required is taken from the existing Bank systems.

The MCC Rating calculation integrated in the application completes the solution and offers the opportunity to promptly pre-assess potential beneficiaries.

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The complete platform for computerised management of all the procedures regarding National and Local Calls for Subsidised Laws, Tenders and Contracts, which involves various parties: Public Body, Enterprise, Concessionary Bank.

The service handles all the phases of acceptance, investigation, reporting, calculation of plans and resolutions.

The main objectives are to:

  • Guide the user when completing the application to facilitate uploading
  • Automate the investigations into the applications and minimise the risk of error in calculating the indices and in identifying the classifications
  • Facilitate reporting and any disbursement of contributions and help create liquidation plans, where required.
  • Reduce the times to issue the investigation results or disburse the subsidised loans.
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It provides complete, efficient management of the main processes for a guarantee fund. Credit limit monitoring is particularly advanced. Thanks to a special transaction registration procedure, the system is always able to provide in real time various amounts, e.g. the guaranteed amount, the real exposure, the residual credit limit, the amount examined. In the case of revolving funds, the system is able to trace the reconstitution of the fund via the registration of the amounts returned. Other main features include:

  • Admission to the fund
  • Enforcement of the guarantee
  • Reporting
  • Interface with accounting
  • Calculation of the costs of investigation, file management, premiums, acceptance fees
  • Multi-fund and multi-credit limit
  • Integration with external loan banks
  • Schedule and checklist.
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