Pegaso 2000’s platform agevolo.itTM  is just suitable to manage Guarantee Fund regarding specific section (Art. 56,Moratorie) of Decree-Law no. 18 of 17 March 2020 and subsequent amendments.

After the operating procedures enacted by MISE – approved last 9 July- , as for the previous amendments introduced with Cura Italia Decree of 17 March 2020 and Liquidità Decree of 8 April 2020 for Covid-19 emergency, agevolo.itTM  has been enriched by moratoriums module (Art. 56).

In summary:

  • Art. 56 of Decree-Law no 18/2020 introduces  a moratorium which freezes, until next 30 September, current-account credit facility , loans for advance payments of credit instruments, maturity of short terms loans loans of payment  and of instalment .
  • Decree-law 9 July – which extends the deadline  of December 31th 2020-  defines the Guarantee Fund access condition requirements  and the procedure of management and enforcement the guarantee  .  This one is granted for 33%.

Platform  agevolo.itTM will make available this new operation, accordance with FEA2 protocol, as soon as the Guarantee Fund is operational.

Pegaso 2000, In addition to the platform, Pegaso 2000 is just coordinate a Full Service application integrated and it is already available for consulting support.