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A new module of agevolo.itTM platform for facilitating the access to the credit will make possible to Banks to speed up the steps to benefit  European guarantees on credit, so that new finances for Companies will be available.


Perugia, 3th May 2021: Pegaso 2000, (leading company in the Italian Information Technology for the world of Credit Finance, Guarantee Schemes and Funds and Money Markets, supports Italian Banking System with a new module of its platform for the credit: agevolo.itTM. This new function make possible for Banks to simplify and speed up the new fulfilments required by legislation to release new credit from the Pan-European Guarantee Fund, to  warranty active positions, within the Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises (FGPMI). This process affords new liquidity for the Companies by Bank.

“Another important piece of our platform for the subsidized finance”- says Andrea Capezzali, Credit Commercial Manager – “Timing and new functional modules make possible  -once again – to carry on alongside banking world to support real economy”.

Starting from the first quarter of 2021, Italian Banks will have to provide every three month information concerning guaranteed positions, guarantees’ trend, the situation of the connected beneficiary, to the Guarantee Fund for the SME. The module  available on agevolo.itTM platform takes part in the management of these data before their sending to the Pan-European Guarantee Fund, through three steps: the first is about acquisition, elaboration and assessment; the second concerns data validating and confirmation of their quality; the third one concerns creating and sending files.

agevolo.itTM. has proven itself as an important tool to simplify the Banking System, and numbers claims it too:

almost 400.000 practises uploaded  on FGPMI by Pegaso 2000 platform;

almost 25 billions of Euros of financial amount sent to the Fund for the guarantee request;

more than 25% of operations have been  transited through agevolo.itTM.

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Pegaso 2000 accanto alle banche per liberare nuovo credito