On Thursday, September 16th a meeting was held between students of IV and V year from the Computer Science Department of High School ‘ITTS Alessandro Volta’ in Perugia and Franco Cicogna, CEO of Pegaso 2000.

‘It was a big deal for the students’, highlighted the school headmaster: “Students of our School had the pleasure of listening to the entrepreneurial history of Pegaso 2000, an amazing company from our region, from the beginning to its development. It was the chance to follow the path that our School has embarked years ago with the specific purpose of integrate academic curriculum within the local business requirements. We are grateful to the CEO Franco Cicogna for giving evidence of how an entrepreneurial dream can become true through a strong spirit of co-operation and sharing between people that choose to undertake the same professional path, based on specific technical and human skills.”

The same enthusiasm was showed by Franco Cicogna himself: “Being able to face with students is always a great thing, since it stands for a moment of further growth. That is why I gladly accepted the invitation of the Technical School from Perugia. These are the chances in which it is likely to convey to the future professionals passion, respect, gratitude and, why not, even a sane recklessness; that is, the key features for our own human and professional realization. It has been surprising to answer for more than an hour to the students, that had fully expressed their deep curiosity with questions which were never trivial. It becomes more and more important, I would say fundamental, to keep developing interactions between the workplace and the world of education, in order to better train our students to face both their own career path and a human one.”