Perugia, 28 April 2020 – Pegaso 2000, a company with headquarters in Corciano (PG) and branches in Milan and Rome, leader in the Italian Information Technology for the world of Credit Finance, Facilitated Finance and Money Market, supports the Perugia Hospital “Santa Maria della Misericordia” with the donation of 24 thousand euros for the purchase of a portable Ultrasound – Ecocolor Doppler. The instrument is already in use in the Internal Medicine Department Covid 1 of the Umbrian hospital directed by Prof. Matteo Pirro.

Also thanks to the portable ultrasound donated by Pegaso 2000 doctors, nurses and healthcare workers involved in the front line in the fight against coronavirus will be able to visit patients hospitalized positive for COVID-19 without being forced to move to other rooms or areas of the hospital to perform diagnostic tests, guaranteeing maximum security for the containment of the virus within the hospital.

The “Santa Maria della Misericordia” Hospital is a point of reference in terms of health not only for Perugia and the whole of Umbria, but for the whole of Central Italy. In fact, it was the first shelter and care home for the poor and sick in the city, which dates back as far as 1303, thanks to some secular clerics and lay people.

“We would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and health care workers who, with their tireless efforts, are fighting the Coronavirus without any qualms – comments Franco Cicogna, Sole Administrator of Pegaso 2000. We could not remain indifferent to what is happening in our daily lives. For this reason, we tried, as we did on other occasions, to contribute in a concrete and tangible way, giving something that could remain even after the Covid-19 emergency. We would like to thank the Perugia Hospital that has identified a portable Echocolor Doppler-Echograph as the necessary tool for the new department they have just created to assist people afflicted by this terrible virus”.

Professor Matteo Pirro, Director of the Department of Internal Medicine Covid comments as follows: “ I would like to thank Pegaso 2000 for being so close to us in this moment of emergency, the donated ultrasound will be used to perform diagnostic tests directly to the bed of the hospitalized patient. Our department is organized in two areas, Covid and non Covid patients, and thanks to this additional dedicated device, which we will use in this first phase in the Covid area, we will be able to carry out diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in our patients more easily and quickly”.