Pegaso 2000 has always pursued sustainability and environmental protection, pollution prevention and reduction of energy and resource consumption.

Obtaining ISO 14001:2015 certification in December 2021 was proof of this.

A few months have passed since the achievement of this goal and the company activities in the field of environmental prevention and respect and protection of the territory have been innumerable, suffice it to mention:

  • the beautiful customized sustainable Christmas tree, created with the support of each member of the company, who hung a card, created with recycled material, containing messages on the subject of the environment and sustainability;


  • the internal survey for the Pegaso 2000 Team in order to collect ideas and proposals aimed at undertaking activities that are useful for the company and for the local area;
  • the active participation of Pegasus 2000 in World Earth Day, through the dissemination of national and international initiatives organized for this event;


  • the start of work to organize a company day dedicated to cleaning a green area in the Perugia area, with the collaboration of an Italian environmental association – also based in Umbria;


  • lastly, the sharing of a newsletter aimed at raising awareness of good ECO-habits even on holiday; which? Do separate collection, don’t waste water, don’t light fires in protected areas and, why not, detox from digital.

A large family, Pegaso 2000, which has well understood how the well-being of each person is closely linked to the daily respect that everyone has for the surrounding environment.