The web platform created to centralise and automate company procedures for applicable rates and exchanges for different types of loans/transactions. XCENTO can be used to centralise the calculation of the EAR/APR and the verification of the anti-usury rate.

The system modules envisage the management of:

  • Rates: the collection of the indicators (from external providers or Internet sources) and the rates calculated and in use at the Bank; the centralised construction of the derivative calculation algorithms by the primary indicators and the communication of the rates calculated to the systems requesting to use them.
  • Exchanges; the collection of the exchanges used by the Bank from one or more internal or external sources (provider) or collected manually by the user. Communication of the exchange rate to the systems requesting to use them.
  • Anti-usury: calculation and verification on demand of the rate position (EAR/APR) applied to a loan in compliance with the decree on anti-usury regulations in force. Storage of the results. Communication of the result to the systems requesting to use them.

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The ideal solution to centralise the management of all a Bank’s covenants into a single, dedicated system.

Consisting of an engine to process rules based on a master archive, it enables monitoring of all covenants (financial, informative, commercial, restrictive, company commitments, etc.) to be automated.

The advantages of the Banks using COVENANTS are evident as regards finding correct, constantly updated information, even from external sources. By combining the management of all covenants, the product normalises the information and rationalises the activities, thus making it possible to optimise:

  • Transaction automation
  • Process control
  • Maturity management.

COVENANTS can be very easily integrated with the Bank’s information systems and allows you to dialogue with them (loans, general details, documents).

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