The web platform which enables Banks and Merchant Banks to dynamically administer the world of Corporate Loans and Structured (even complex) Financial transactions.
Equipped with dedicated workflows, in the phases before and after disbursement it enables the following types of transactions to be represented and managed:

  • Bilateral or in pool, as lead or as participant
  • Revolving
  • Rotative
  • Multi-borrower
  • Single or multiple disbursement
  • Single or multiple hierarchy credit lines
  • Foreign currency and multi-currency
  • Unsecured loans.
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Created to manage third party borrowed capital by the Banks, it enables the contracts (and relevant amounts drawn) connected to third party funds or borrowed capital to be mapped out, configured and parameterised. It manages the overall purchase transactions (with or without bank liability) to the Public or other Banks, in order to acquire the sums to use in financial sale transactions.

It integrates with the subsystems involved and enables relationships with the Bodies to be managed at every phase envisaged by the process up to the final report.

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The web platform designed to streamline the collection and verification procedures for documents required in the various standard and extraordinary phases of life of a financial transaction (opening the file, disbursement, acceptance, etc.).

It manages the processes before and after disbursement in order to:

  • Have dematerialised documents for the Bank to use on-line
  • Simplify the document collection phase thanks to specialised check lists according to event type
  • Facilitate the direct exchange with Notaries Public, if necessary, via Certified E-mail (PEC)
  • Reduce document collection and verification times to use the loans in transactions to collect liquidity, e.g. securitisations or collateralisations
  • Uncouple document collection and the relevant communications to other external systems (Pigna, MutuiTel, etc.) by the TARGET systems and avoid exposing them directly to data exchange and flow activities.
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A dynamic system dedicated to the management of forms of credit which benefit from subsidies.

A single, simple application enables Banks to map out, configure and parameterise the laws on the Italian scene. It integrates with the subsystems involved and satisfies the obligations established by legislation, using organisation, management and control models. It enables relationships with the subsidising Agencies to be handled during the investigation, liquidation and reporting phases.

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It helps the Bank to manage the decentralised, technical and administrative obligations by Public Agencies in the various forms of application.
In its role as Concessionary Bank, the Loan Bank’s transactions focus on one or more of the following activities:

  • Collect subsidy applications
  • Conduct the technical, economic and financial investigation of the individual investment projects to calculate the contribution due
  • Manage the disbursement of the contributions granted and reporting to the agencies.

BANCA CONCESSIONARIA rationalises, simplifies and integrates these numerous activities with the Bank’s IT system.

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The web platform enables transactions to be managed with multiple Banks organised into a POOL as the banking party for the purpose of the concession.

Using dedicated workflows, it is possible to see the main phases of the process:

  • Opening of the transaction (Loan, Unsecured Credit, …)
  • Identification and management of the parties involved (Lead, Agent Bank, Participant)
  • Management of various types of transactions (Amortising, Revolving, Unsecured, etc.) according to the shares of participation
  • Termination.
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PSAB is the web portal to manage back-office activities for the concession and completion of loans linked to the purchase of fixed assets financed with the “Nuova Sabatini”, the subsidised instrument for SMEs in every manufacturing sector.

PSAB runs the subsidy concession process, especially for the phases of:

  • Receiving and collecting applications
  • Analysing and managing application data
  • Funding reservation
  • Requesting funds to Mise.
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