Page state agent bank

Solution for managing granted subsidy procedures. Application – Inquiry – Supplying and Monitoring

PAGE state agent bank


Part of the PAGE suite: the web solution dedicated to the management of subsidized loans that Pegaso 2000 has created for banks. A unique and comprehensive platform, to support the banking activities for subsidized credit.


PAGE State Agent Bank is the Pegaso 2000 tool created to support the bank in the management of the technical and administrative fulfilments decentralized by the public bodies for the different forms of public tenders.

PAGE State Agent Bank comes from experience in the management of incentives by means of various public tenders.
In the role of instructing bank, the credit institution’s activities are aimed at:
•Accepting requests for subsidized loans
•Carrying out the preliminary technical – economic – financial investigation of the individual investment projects
•Managing grants and reporting of the loans granted.

PAGE State Agent Bank is the computer tool that can rationalize, simplify and integrate these many activities in the bank’s information system.


•Census and configuration of the public tenders that the bank intends to administer, defining the rules to be used in the subsidization procedure
•Managing applications for admission to the public tenders, also via Internet
•Entering of information required for carrying out the preliminary inquiry and for the assessment of project and credit worthiness
•Formal checking of information provided
•Evaluation of the documents
•Assigning a score and creating a classification or assignment of the loan
•Management of the loan payment stage
•Document storage, also with digital signature
•Guidance for monitoring of the various stages both before and after the final payment of the subsidization, both for the fulfilments related to the individual project and in general.


Technology: Java platform
Database: DB2, MySql or other database
Client: Web Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher


There are clear competitive advantages for banks that use PAGE State Agent Bank in terms of the streamlining and rationalization of operational processes.

PAGE State Agent Bank inherits the bank’s access policies, integrating with them and thus guaranteeing data protection according to different authorization levels.
In addition, the web-based software allows the procedure to be used both in a local environment and on the Internet.

Pegaso 2000’s consulting services accompany the client bank throughout the entire implementation process, guaranteeing maximum adaptability of the software to the processes already established at the bank, thanks to an easily configurable parametric structure.

A team of professionals is always available to the customer as a functional, technical and strategic support, ensuring maximum assistance and experience in the management of public tenders.