COVENANTS is Pegaso 2000’s web solution for centralizing, in a single dedicate system, the management of all covenants used by the bank.


Covenants stems from the experience of Pegaso 2000 in the bank information systems.

The core of the product is made up by a processing engine, based on a data archive, which allows the automation of the whole covenants monitoring.


The INFORMATION ENTRY, which can handle different types of covenants (financial, informational, commercial, restrictive, company’s commitments, etc.).
• the information entry is flexible, intuitive and allows to customize rules and formulas.
• the covenants information is automatically updated, to send back any changes to their relative credit facilities.

The MONITORING, an automated process that usses a calculation engine to ckeck the status of the covenants. The outcome is laid down and automatically broadcasted, with the ability to control and supervise data. Corrections and manual modifications, suitably justified, authorized and certified, are allowed.

The SCHEDULER, which helps users to keep track of the monitoring dates and to perform the different steps of the process in the right way and with the right timing.


The benefits for banks adopting Covenants are obvious in terms of correct and up to date information retrieval, also from external sources. To achieve this purpose, the product, combines the management of all covenants, normalizes the information and rationalises the activities, allowing to improve:

• the operations automation,

• the process control,

• the deadline management.

COVENANTS can be easily integrated with other IT systems and allows users to communicate with the rest of the bank information systems (including the funding system, the general registry and the document system).