CO.FI. is the web platform that allows complete, secure and flexible management of corporate loans, by managing the complex funding practices of a credit institution or merchant bank


CO.FI. is a flexible web platform, that is completely departmental and that is able to adapt to the needs of the bank for:
•Taking advantage of FRONT OFFICE with a high level of usability for users
•Maintain the data security level guaranteed by mainframe systems
•Renew and strengthen the current company information system processes, using new technologies.


CO.FI. manages the complex funding practices of Corporate Finance and structured finance for a credit institution or a merchant bank.
The main types of operations are:
•Bilateral or syndicated
•With individual, tranche, WIP grants
•With capitalization of interests.

To achieve flexibility in defining operations, making it easier for the user, functions are divided into the following stages:
•Choice of product, Audit practices, Debtor connection, Connection with any pools, Decision
•Contract application, Definition of main terms, Stipulation of the contract
•Definition of use, Repayment schedule, Terms, Exchange rules
•Payment(s), Credit/debit items, Transfer(s), Accounting
Post Payment:
•Batches: nightly, periodical, on demand
•Web: procedural ledger, early repayments, adjustment of interests and rate of instalment, receipts and calculation of interest for late payment.


Technology: Microsoft .NET
Database: Oracle or other DB
Client: Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher


There are clear competitive advantages for banks that use CO.FI., both as regards the optimization of costs and the streamlining of operational processes.

CO.FI. is a secure platform thanks to the use of suitable access policies that guarantee data protection according to different authorization levels. In addition, the web-based software allows the procedure to be used both in a local intranet environment and on the Internet.

CO.FI. is a highly versatile solution for all banks. Thanks to the web technology it can be updated and implemented to add new functions, and interfaced with new applications at very low costs compared to mainframe technologies.

Pegaso 2000’s consulting services accompany the customer bank throughout the entire implementation process. A team of professionals is always available to the customer as a functional, technical and strategic support.