ABACOpool is the funding tool of Pegaso 2000, created for managing a pool of loans and bonds used by banks as collateral available to Bank of Italy


ABACOpool is the software that allows credit institutes to effectively automate the entire process of setting up, managing and withdrawing collateral from the pool of guarantees presented to the Bank of Italy, both by traditional transfer (loan by loan) and by “credit pool” mode.
ECB refinancing through ABACOpool allows the banks to obtain liquidity on terms that are useful for intraday financing, open market and marginal refinancing operations.
The collateral is represented both by marketable assets – government bonds, ABS etc. – and by so-called credit claims – bank loans issued to public sector entities or to non financial corporations, as well as by technical forms such as leasing and factoring and also issued to private sector debtors.


•Eligibility check of bonds/loans
•Bilateral communication with Bank of Italy
•Implementing the grant given by the Banking Authority (checking of daily account statements)
•Recording any changes in eligibility parameters; (outstanding principal, maturity, rating, etc.)
•Updating the pool, constantly checking the benchmarks of the collateral given
•Sending specific information for keeping the pool compliant.


Technology: Microsoft© .NET Framework (ASP .NET)
Database server: Microsoft© SQL Server
Development tool: Microsoft© Visual Studio .NET
Language: C# .NET


There are clear competitive advantages for banks that use ABACOpool, both in terms of maximizing liquidity and streamlining of operational processes.

ABACOpool is a secure platform thanks to the use of suitable access policies that guarantee data protection according to different authorization levels. In addition, the web-based software allows the procedure to be used both in a local environment and through the Internet.

ABACOpool is a highly versatile solution for all banks: configurable in various ways, it is able to manage dynamically the typical complexities of a bank group (taking advantage of the opportunities offered by centralized management, which also involves the individual banks affiliated with the group), and it is able to support the operational process of medium/small banks without the process becoming cumbersome. A multi-institute version suitable for consortium groups and external providers is also available.

ABACOpool is a continuously updated system that quickly incorporates the changes introduced by the Banking Authority.

Pegaso 2000’s consulting services accompany the client bank throughout the entire implementation process, starting from credit portfolio analysis, continuing with the preparation of the documentation required by Bank of Italy, up to the actual tests imposed by the Banking Authority. A team of professionals is always available to the customer as a functional, technical and strategic support.